Prem Rawat  Tokyo, Japan 2016
50 years sharing a message of hope


Prem Rawat  Tokyo, Japan 2016
50 years sharing a message of hope

(hosted by Bunya Publishing)
October 23rd 2016
Prem Rawat with special guest Hideki Yabuhara

Bunya Publishing will host a seminar with the acclaimed author and speaker Prem Rawat on October 23rd 2016. Special guest Hideki Yabuhara will join Prem on stage for a live discussion and question answer session. Hideki Yabuhara is the author of the book Wamon, which focuses on Hideki’s unique communication technique’s based on deep and attentive listening.

Bunya seminars bring together the readers, the producers (publishing team) and the author providing a chance for everyone to deepen their understanding, through sharing and interacting.

We welcome you to attend and take part in what is sure to be a wonderful occasion.

Date 23rd October 2016 14:30~ 17:30 (reception from 13:45)
Venue Sola city conference center in Ocha-no-mizu Tokyo
Address 4 Chome-6 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0062
Map download: http://solacity.jp/cc/common/pdf/access_visiter.pdf
Speaker Prem Rawat (author of Splitting the Arrow)
Guest speaker Hideki Yabuhara (author of Wamon deep listening)
Contents Prem Rawat will give a solo address followed by an on stage discussion and Q and A session with Hideki Yabuhara
Admission fee 10,000 Yen
Students: 3,000 Yen (please show your student identification at reception)
*Bunya publishing will not be sending any tickets for the event for attendees from outside of Japan.

We will send you confirmation via email, please print this out and bring it to the event.
Hideki Yabuhara
Prem Rawat
プレム・ラワット 著『Pot with the Hole 穴のあいた桶』(文屋)
Splitting the Arrow by Prem Rawat
(Bunya publishing)
薮原秀樹 著『聞けば叶う わもん入門』(文屋)
Wamon (Japanese deep listening)
by Hideki Yabuhara
(Bunya publishing)

At Prem’s 2015 Tokyo book launch event, with Hideki Yabuhara (left), Prem Rawat (centre) and Yutaka Kinoshita (Bunya president (right)).

Prem Rawat

Photo report from the Japan tour 2015

In October 2015 Prem Rawat spent approximately 2 weeks in Japan as he toured the country. A total audience of over 1100 people attended two book launch events held in Tokyo and Kyoto. An event was also held at Waseda University with an audience of faculty and students.

A number of interviews for newspapers and magazines took place during the tour. At the Kurodani temple gardens in Kyoto, several conversations between Prem Rawat and Tomoki Kato and Venetia Stanley Smith (both celebrity gardeners) were filmed.

Prem Rawats new book ‘Splitting the Arrow’ sold over 17,000 copies within 1 month of its official release here in Japan and the preparations for the second press began almost immediately after the first press had been completed.

Prem Rabat

Speaking at the Kinokuniya (book store) Sazan theatre in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The 450 capacity hall was sold out

Prem Rabat

Speaking at the Sazan theatre in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Prem Rabat

Speaking to a small group of students and faculty at Waseda University in Tokyo