On editing Prem Rawat’s upcoming book ‘BREATH: A Journey to Peace’ to be published in early summer 2020.

Prem Rawat’s lecture with Mr. Hideki Yabuhara and Prof. Masato Honmaof Kyoto University of Art and Design at The International Conference Center Hiroshima (ICCH) stands in Hiroshima’s sacred Peace Memorial Park.

Prem Rawat’s second picture book ‘The Stonecutter’ (Japanese version) on sale.

Prem Rawat’s picture book “The Stonecutter” publication commemoration lecture with Prof. Takashi Maeno of Keio University’s Graduate School of System Design and Management.

Bunya publishing’s Prem Rawat Project New website launched!

English version of ‘Splitting the Arrow’ on sale at

Shukan Shincho magazine introduced ‘Splitting the Arrow’ in their book selection

Many book stores across Japan are now placing ‘Splitting the Arrow’

Japans premier book magazine ‘Da Vinci’ released their ‘Books of the year 2015’ selection

Courrier Japon interview December 2015 Issue

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